Mission Statement

NTYP is a social welfare, non-profit organization created to work with the misunderstood youth of America. Our child advocate service's sole mission and purpose is to help educate the miseducated children who dwell within some of the most violent, poverty stricken neighborhoods across America. We instill upon them a sense of self worth and responsibility within their communities and world. Our course of action is to take rehabilitated ex-felons who truly want to make a difference within society by sponsoring children following their once chosen path of destruction. Our agenda is not just to help these children and communities, but provide ex-felons who want to make a difference, a platform to do so.

 Nurturing The Youth Program provides activities and experiences that allows our children and sponsors to engage within their communities in a productive and positive manner. We will be educating our children and sponsors of their responsibilities towards their communities, and it's occupants through engagement of participating in:

  Free Food Banquets

  Community Cleaning

  Homeless Dinners

 All services are provided through our organization.

 Nurturing The Youth Program 'Big Brother and Sisters' program child advocate services takes on a more aggressive approach towards saving, helping, and working with our children as well as helping build our communities in the process. By working with our children Monday - Friday, our organization and sponsors are invested with our children's short term, long term goals, and success at every step of the way. For our program believes wholeheartedly in the phrase,  "EACH ONE TEACH ONE!"